Extra Noodles Men’s T-shirt by Pandi the Panda

$ 26.00

Imagine yourself at your favorite ramen shop. You've waited for your table for nearly 1 hour and tummy starts to make angry grumbling noises. You are starving. You want that warm, delicious ramen right now! You finally sit down and order. Your heavenly ramen slings to your table at an instant but all of a sudden you look down and your bowl is empty. Yep, you devoured it all by yourself. Sad face! There's only one thing to do so you flag your awesome server and say, " EXTRA NOODLES, PLEASE!"

This is the one and only shirt made for these situations. You live it and  breathe it almost everyday. This is for you!

Product details

  • T-Shirt Color: Heather Black
  • Super soft 60/40 cotton/poly blend
  • Signature screen printed neck tag detail.
  • Main design printed on front of tee, Pandi signature logo on the back.

  • Designed and screen printed with love in Los Angeles.

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