Masks of Affection Fundraiser for Healthcare Workers

Hello FRF Family,


We hope everyone is well and staying safe. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank each and every one of you that has responded to our message last week. We needed your support and you all came through. We cannot express how grateful we are. One fire has been put out for the time being but others keep rising unfortunately. It’s just insane. 


You may have heard that hospitals are in desperate need of supplies right now, especially masks. These masks are the only shields they have to protect themselves against COVID-19 while trying to save other lives. You may know someone in healthcare or knows someone that has family in healthcare. They will all tell you how bad it is. It’s a warzone out there. We have friends at the frontline and have friends who have family there as well. We want to help. But we need your help too. Let’s combine forces and help each other fight this virus. Here’s how.


Hospitals are being hit the hardest with shortages of masks to protect themselves as well for patients. Because we have been in the manufacturing industry for a while, we have a direct connection to our usual supplier that can provide masks. Yep! Our supplier of pins and accessories is now a mask supplier. Many factories overseas have adapted their production lines to making masks now. We want to get these masks to hospitals ASAP. Why can’t hospitals order from other suppliers overseas? That’s what we were thinking. We don’t know all the reasons but we’ve asked a few doctor friends to see what they knew about it. All of them said one of the reasons is probably because of OSHA restriction and requirements. We also suspect there are contract agreements put into place. Like hospital A can’t order masks from supplier B, when hospital A has a contract agreement with Supplier A but has a shortage. 


So where do we come in you ask? We are not doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. But we are creators with overseas connections. You guys are the best fans on the planet. Starting now until Monday, with your help, we are launching a fundraising campaign called MASKS OF AFFECTION. There are three vinyl sticker packs of affection available to purchase and ALL proceeds will go towards buying masks from our supplier and donating them to hospitals. Each pack has 4 stickers so that you can share them with the people you love. Share affection.

Our goal is to raise enough to obtain a combination of disposable medical masks as well as KN95’s or N95’s. The campaign ends Monday because we want to order these quickly as possible. Healthcare workers need their shields and they are risking their lives to save others.

Let’s try and save their lives.

Get the Sticker Packs here.

Please share this and get the word out. 

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