Kickstarter Project: Creamsicle Kaiju Babee Plush Goes Live Tomorrow! May 27 2018

Creamsicle Kaiju Babee coming to steal your hearts and ice cream!

We have been hand-making Babee plush in different costumes for several years now in very small amounts. We wish to take our plush toys to the next level, getting them manufactured and having our next Babee plush be available for more people to enjoy and spread lots of smiles. Getting them manufactured is an expensive process and we need your help!

The Kickstarter project was made to reach out to all of our friends, fans, and the Kickstarter community to help fund creating Creamsicle Kaiju Bunny into a lovable, huggable, and super soft plush. We hope you will join us in helping us continue to spread happiness to people all over the world.

Goes live May 28th, 8:00pm PST  (keyword search: kaiju bunny plush)