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Blanket Bunny to the Rescue!

We thank you so much for all your orders this holiday season. For many online retailers, online shipping has increased tremendously affecting the USPS's ability to deliver package on their normal time frame. You may have seen info on the news, from other companies, or just from your own experience. It's been pretty crazy. If you know anyone who is affiliated with the USPS, they will tell you how insane it has been for them. They are short staffed, overworked, and dealing with many other challenges. They are trying their best. We must all give them a big THANK YOU for their service. Over the past few weeks we have been keeping an eye on the packages that have been affected. While most delivered with no or little transit delays, some were affected. In the beginning there were about 120 packages with this issue. Today, we see about 65 packages, with about half of them showing they should be delivered today or tomorrow (fingers crossed!). That leaves about 30 wonderful people who may not get their package in time for Christmas. Every single person is important to us and we want you to have only the best experience from us, even with aspects we cannot control.

We feel terrible about this and even more so because we cannot control the delivery time for these. Though we heard from Blanket Bunny she left in a hurry to go help Babee and USPS with all the package deliveries. We will hope they make it in time for XMAS or little after. We know some of you ordered from us for gifts so we created a downloadable and printable "gift certificate" to give in lieu as they await for the package to be delivered. We hope this may help in some way and doesn't ruin your surprise completely! If there is something else we can do for you, please let us know. We are always happy to help!

We wish everyone a safe, wonderful, and enjoyable Holiday Season!

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