Art show & Pop-up Shop @ Sweet Breams

Whew! It’s been a while since our last blog. It’s one of those things where you wish you had multiple arms like an octopus or even a clone of yourself. You know what I am! =X But nevertheless, our stubby, little arms are still managing okay don’t you think? The second book, “Big T’s Big Adventure” is nearly complete! We know everyone is excited about it and we cannot wait to see the final product. We are sure you all will love it! Especially all the Big T and Yetabun lovers out there…Yup , there’s plently of the duo in this story! We just have edit some things, finish up the cover, file prep and its ready to send off to Bang Printing (they do an awesome job by the way) Psstt! if you get a book printed them be sure to mention us okay?? heh heh -_-
Anywho, book is almost there and we are of course thinking about this years SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con). We will most definitely we offering an exclusive package with the release of the second story..whether it be with a limited edition tee or even a plush pillow, OR ALL THREE!
There are a few other projects that are in the works that we cannot wait to start revealing to everyone! But more details to come on┬áthat! Hopefully by SDCC we will have more details to share…
On another note, this month will be crazy- just bunny crazy! Us bunnies will be up in the Bay Area for three weekends in a row for a few events, with one being our Spring Art Show/ Pop-up shop! It will be held once again at our pals at Sweet Breams ( on the 28th from 1-3pm. Hope you guys can make it. We will be showcasing some canvas prints and digital art prints as well a newly released design! Remember all of our new designs are now limited edition of 400 pcs total. Dont forget! =D See you soon FRF fans! Thank you again for allowing to us to share laughs and smiles with you.

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