Promising new year for FRF

The rain finally left town… or at least for now. The sun is out and now we feel like doing some work! =P Briefly we would like to let you guys know of some plans we have in stored for 2010! Yay! Hopefully sometime very soon we will have some handmade plushies available on the web, probably some type of ninja Babee plush. Also, as you probably noticed we are in the process of a minor remodel on our web so please excuse our loose fur. New designs will be available in late February as well as some stationary packs.  AND there is one more big juicy surprise that we are working on but we will refrain from blabbing it out because everything is not 100% in order.

For the spring on summer collection FRF we are thinking of doing a super hero theme this year. SUPER BLANKET!  Let us know what you guys think!

Have a dry weekend everyone!


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